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We believe that simple is effective...

Drawing on an extensive career within high performance sport and the preparation of elite development athletes we tailor-make a package to support the needs of the individual or group. You don't have to be elite to benefit from Strength & Conditioning Performance Coaching. Whether you are a weekend warrior fighting against injury, an elite competitor aiming for the podium or a passionate amateur trying to get off to a good start, S&C can help. We recognise that talent needs to be inspired and to support that we have been running our Strength2Perform Schools Foundation Programme since January 2011. The programme aims to integrate Physical Competency Development from the S&C environment into everyday movement, exercise, PE and sports training for children. Working in partnership with our schools we ensure that the lessons learnt from working with elite older athletes help educate our practice of working with developmental or potential sports stars. Put simply, it is about establishing a solid foundation to for young athletes to grow, develop and succeed.

The Team


Director of Strength & Conditioning
Internationally recognised Strength & Conditioning Professional with extensive knowledge and experience of developing elite athletes across a spectrum of sports. UKSCA, NSCA, ISAK, NASM and BWLA accredited.


Consultant Cognitive Behavioural Psychologist
Ian is an accredited CBT therapist and consultant psychologist with extensive experience of clients in a variety of situations, including sport performance development.

Contact Us

07876 343 242

Twitter: CoachChrisRoss

Facebook: strength2perform


Performance Support

All support programs start with an initial client meeting or needs analysis. Once we know what makes you tick we need to find out how we can help.

Our functional movement assessment has been refined through years of high performance application and will give us improved understanding of how you function.

plan, do review model

Working from a simple methodology of PLAN, DO and REVIEW Chris and his team will provide you with a tailor-made progressive individualised support program. We don’t try to baffle you with jargon, we keep it simple because we know that with solid scientific foundations SIMPLE IS EFFECTIVE.

strength2perform offers a series of support packages which means it’s even easier to get the right support for you. Choose your package and then add on any extras. To make things easy we come to you and provide the coaching support at your home, school, or training facility.

To further enhance your support we always aim for a holistic multi-disciplinary approach. The 2Perform network is designed to support every element of your performance needs.

Clients we have worked with: